Single Girder Modular EOT Crane

Single Girder Modular EOT Crane Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Mumbai

We are one of the developing and leading Single Girder Modular EOT Crane manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA. We single girder modular EOT crane manufacturers create them with standard quality flange mounted motors and gearboxes of modular type for giving greater performance.

Our manufacturer's company attaches the latest version of DC disk brake which can stop the whole functioning in versatile, quick and easy manner.

We single girder modular EOT crane suppliers offer them with fast working operators that can control the movement of hoist with the help of snap action limit switch.

What Is Single Girder Modular EOT Crane?

Single Girder Modular EOT Crane is a type of EOT crane consisting of only a single girder in the overall crane structure. It comprises an electrical hoist and does not need different platforms for the maintenance of its components.

Features & Uses

They have three platforms in which two are small in size and are present around the motor whereas other platforms are attached for the maintenance of panels. These EOT cranes are lighter in weight and help in making the load of wheels much less in nature that further makes them easy to handle.

They are generally involved in applications at light and medium workshop duty. These cranes are also used for handling hot metal ladle and grab buckets.

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