Jib Crane

Jib Cranes Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Mumbai

We are leading JIB Cranes manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA. We manufacturers create these cranes making them of extremely versatile nature for doing sturdy and tough tasks or work.

Our manufacturer's company provides varying lifting capacities that ranges from 250kg to 7500kg and could also be paired with that of the overhead bridge for maximizing the rate of production.

What is Jib Crane?

JIB CRANE or JIB arm is a horizontal beam that is used in the cranes known as Jib Cranes for giving support to the movable hoist either fixed to the wall or the pillar that is mounted on the floor.

Components and Use

They consist of different components and parts like pillar, movable hoist, boom, reach, mast, trolley, hook height, controls, rotation stop, etc. These are the kind of overhead lifting devices which are used in small working areas for performing unique and compact lifting work.

Product Details
100 J100 7X7 8X8 8X8
250 J200 10X10 10X10 10X10
500 J500 10X10 10X10 10X10
1000 J1000 12X12 12X12 12x12(HH)
2000 J2000 14” 16” 18”(HH)

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