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We are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Jib Crane in Nagpur. We are essential in giving our clients with a wide selection of jib cranes in Nagpur that are made with top quality parts. Many businesses frequently employ them for lifting activities.

When it comes to boosting output and worker efficiency while lowering ergonomics and workplace safety, our jib cranes deliver unexpected results. These cranes are still utilized for continuous, challenging, and single lifting operations despite their simple design.

What is Jib Crane?

A jib crane is a type of overhead lifting device that is used in a smaller work cell area for repetitive and unique lifting tasks. It is designed to be very appealing in a production environment because it can increase worker productivity, reduce workplace injuries, and improve safety. These cranes have capacities ranging anywhere from 250 lbs to 15 tons in some applications.

Reliable Features

  • Reach/Boom: The horizontal beam that the trolley travels back and forth on.
  • Mast/Pillar: The vertical beam used to support the boom on freestanding and mast systems.
  • Movable Hoist: The hoist is used to lift, position, and lower a load.
  • Trolley: The motion of the trolley can be manual, motorized, or pneumatic. The trolley carries the hoist, wire rope or chain, and the hook along the entire length of the boom.
  • Rotation: On free-standing and mast type jib cranes, you can achieve 360° of boom rotation. On wall and column-mounted jib cranes, you can achieve 180-200° of rotation.
  • Electrification/Pneumatic Power: Electric collector rings or pneumatic air lines can be added to the top or bottom of the mast to provide rotation assistance and allow for continuous 360° boom rotation.


  • We manufacture jib cranes to meet specific requirements, easily handling loads ranging from 0.
  • 5 MT to 5 MT.
  • A standard electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist performs the lifting and moving tasks on these cranes.
  • Used primarily in industrial facilities and on military vehicles, cranes can rotate in an arc, creating additional horizontal movement.
  • Our Pole-mounted jib cranes are required when no other suitable support equipment is available near the work station.
  • Wall mounted cranes are the ideal solution for work stations located close to walls or vertical structures.
Product Details
Product Name Jib Cranes
Max Height 0-20 feet
Brand Unico Cranes
Environment Indoor and Outdoor
Power Source Electric
Material Mild Steel
Mounted Type Floor Mounted

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