Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Mumbai

We are the leading Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We electric chain hoist manufacturers create these hoists with modern technologies including both rope drums, chain wheels making them perform more smoothly by using electricity.

We provides a huge variety of the chain hoists combined with trolley combinations varying according to their heavier load capacity in a quick and efficient way as per our client requirements.

Our electric chain hoist manufacturers company uses premium quality alloy of steel having higher strength property as a raw material for obtaining more outcomes and less maintenance.

We suppliers offer them with a low voltage operating handle and an anti wear load pulley wheel for comfortable carrying of the load.

What Is Electric Chain Hoist?

ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST is used for turning on the hoist motor, triggering the trolley motor for moving the weight and lifting the load towards a particular height. It allows you to lift a huge range of loads comfortably.

Electric Chain Hoists Advantages

  • Efficiency: Electric chain hoists are efficient and require minimal manual effort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • Precision: They provide precise control during lifting and lowering operations, ensuring delicate handling of loads.
  • Safety: With safety mechanisms, they minimize the risk of accidents, enhancing workplace safety.


  • Manufacturing: Electric chain hoists are commonly used in manufacturing plants for moving heavy machinery and materials.
  • Construction: They aid in lifting and positioning construction materials and equipment at construction sites.
  • Warehousing: Electric chain hoists are used in warehouses to facilitate the movement of goods and pallets.
  • Automotive: In automotive shops, they assist in engine removal and other vehicle maintenance tasks.
Product Name Electric Chain Hoist
Capacity 3-6 ton
Brand Unico Cranes
Usage/Application Eot crane & industrial
Product Type Chain Hoist
Trolley Option With Trolley
Control Voltage 110V
Standard Lift Standard Lift is 3 mtr
Country of Origin Made in India

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