Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

Our company UNICO CRANE AND COMPONENTS is one of the developing and leading gantry crane manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Pune, MAHARASHTRA. We gantry crane manufacturers produce them along with all the necessary components like collimators, filters, detectors, x-ray source, etc.

Our gantry crane manufacturers company also attaches quality rotatory components and parts like a slip ring and required electronics for adequate working of the crane.

We suppliers provide them with numerous latest features such as heightened capacity, full remote control operation choices, manual operation work, etc.


GANTRY CRANE is a kind of overhead crane having configuration of both single or double girder that are supported by freestanding legs moving on the wheels. It is a crane structure that is used to straddle any workspace or object.


They are built for stopping a gantry. These range from both full to stop gantry cranes. The enormous or full gantry cranes are able to lift the variety of heaviest loads and small cranes in shops are used for performing tasks like lifting engines of automobiles out of vehicles.