Modular hoist

Modular hoist manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra


Our company UNICO CRANE AND COMPONENTS is one of the developing and leading modular hoist manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Pune, MAHARASHTRA. We modular hoist manufacturers meet all the safety standards regarding the product consisting of 4 micro switches for safety and an emergency safety switch.

Our manufacturers design them with innovative identification features having both overload and slack line detection on each of the lifting bands.

We modular hoist suppliers offer them in standard length ranging up to 5.4meters and are also available in increased length specified as per our client requirements. Our products are able to lift the safe working load of almost 210kg in addition to the self-weight of the hoist.

What Is Modular Hoist?

MODULAR HOIST also referred as Modular Crane is a type of pre-engineered system much popular in use including all the different components or parts for a crane. They are either designed for positions that are fixed like stage, television and architectural work or as a trackable hoist system.

What Is Its Feature & Use?

These cranes are best suitable for both the purposes of conventional cranes and crabs as well as the stationary applications.

These are involved in various applications in plant and mechanical engineering sectors and in performing the tasks like liftin, travel, towing, positioning or holding etc.


500 6 0.75
1000 6 1.5
2000 6 3.0
5000 6 5.0
10000 6 10