Double Girder Modular Eot Crane

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Our company UNICO CRANE AND COMPONENTS is one of the developing and leading Double Girder Modular EOT Crane manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Pune, MAHARASHTRA. We double girder modular EOT crane manufacturers produce these EOT cranes with unique specifications and features of additional bright lights making them ideally used for working at night.

Our company provides them with foot mounted motors and gearboxes that are arranged horizontally. You can easily lift up to 50tons at a particular time.

Our double girder modular EOT crane suppliers offer them under a wide variety of sizes and capacities. These cranes are easy to maintain and available at low cost.

What Is double Girder Modular Eot Cranes?

DOUBLE GIRDER MODULAR EOT CRANE is a huge complex structure primarily used for the purpose of lifting, lowering and moving loads from one place to another one. It has a gear system which controls the crane through the rotatory limit. This system is able to calculate hook movement and could also limit up down movement of the crane.

Properties And Uses Of It.

These are the beams of metal that form the bridge between the travelling mechanisms present on both sides. The bridge in this crane is also known as an overhead crane.

These girders have two girders attached and it does not include any hoist. They have a continuous platform for working and also consist of a different platform with that of the crab shaped structure.

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