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We are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Gantry Crane in Nagpur. A roller gantry is a multipurpose, robust machine used in a range of sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and construction.

In order to satisfy customer needs, we provide a variety of gantry cranes in Nagpur. Our roller cranes are built to the greatest safety requirements and are developed and produced with your employees' well-being in mind.

From load capacities and raise heights to the inclusion of specialized machinery like winches and trolleys, we provide a wide range of customisation choices. For the sake of preserving a positive relationship with our clients, we also adhere to moral business practices and exhibit complete openness in all of our dealings.


A gantry crane is a type of material handling equipment that consists of a horizontal beam (known as the bridge) supported by vertical legs at both ends. These cranes are widely used in various industrial settings, construction sites, and shipping yards for lifting and moving heavy loads. Our Gantry cranes come in different configurations and sizes.

Key Features

  • Mobility: Gantry cranes can be mobile or fixed. Mobile gantry cranes are equipped with wheels, allowing them to move easily within a workspace.
  • Load capacity: They can handle a wide range of load capacities, from small loads in workshops to massive containers in ports.
  • Span: The distance between the legs or support structure can be customized to suit the workspace and load requirements.
  • Hoisting mechanism: Gantry cranes are equipped with hoists or other lifting devices for vertical movement of loads.


  • Versatility: Gantry cranes are adaptable and can be used indoors or outdoors, making them suitable for various industries.
  • Efficiency: They enhance productivity by enabling quick and precise load positioning.
  • Safety: Gantry cranes are equipped with safety features like overload protection and emergency stop controls.

Common uses of gantry cranes include loading and unloading cargo from ships, moving heavy machinery in manufacturing plants, and assisting in construction projects. They are valuable tools for simplifying material handling tasks, reducing manual labor, and improving overall operational efficiency.

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