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We are Hyderabad's top exporters, producers, and manufacturers of EOT cranes. We provide EOT cranes in Hyderabad, which are extensively used for material handling operations in industrial facilities. These cranes are electronic aerial devices with lifting and moving capabilities for large things.

EOT Cranes are used to lift large objects, heavy industrial tools, and matches. Our products are appreciated for their features like long life, ease of use, low maintenance, damage resistance and lightweight.

Our manufacturing unit is well equipped for quality manufacturing process and workforce consists of qualified engineers. We can understand customers' needs to help us provide EOT crane product according to their requirements. From the first day of our establishment, we have been able to produce the best quality cranes and electric winches at reasonable prices.

What is EOT Crane?

An Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Crane is a heavy-duty industrial machine designed for lifting and moving materials within manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites. EOT cranes are typically mounted on tracks attached to the ceiling, allowing them to move horizontally along the length of the building while utilizing a hoist and trolley system for vertical and horizontal material handling.

Key features

  • Electrically Powered: EOT cranes are powered by electricity, making them efficient and easy to control.
  • Versatility: They can handle a wide range of loads, from small components to extremely heavy machinery.
  • Precise Positioning: EOT cranes offer precise control for accurate positioning of materials, reducing the risk of damage and improving safety.
  • Customization: It can be customized with various attachments and accessories to suit specific material handling requirements.

Benefits of EOT Cranes

  • Enhanced Productivity: EOT cranes streamline material handling procedures, lowering manual labor requirements and accelerating processes.
  • Safety: By lowering the chance of accidents and injuries related to manual lifting, they improve workplace safety.
  • Space Utilization: EOT cranes make the most of vertical space, making them the perfect choice for buildings with little free floor space.
  • EOT cranes can be economical in the long run because of their dependability and effectiveness.


Common uses of EOT cranes include manufacturing, construction, shipping, and warehousing, where they facilitate the efficient movement of heavy and bulky materials, ultimately improving productivity and safety in these environments.

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